The specific objectives of the organization stated below:

🌈 Building up of rural institutions like the backward segment of men-women, girls, youths and people with disabilities also from Adiabatic ethnic community & Migrants.

🌈 Undertake small IGA/ Micro-Credit and entrepreneurship development activities for employment and income generation of customer people toward secured livelihood and sustainability.

🌈 Developing expertise and knowledge of beneficiaries through education & training both in terms of technical/ Vocational and human resource development aspects as well that help prepare them as competent for new millennium.

🌈 Promotion of rural health, Nutrition and WATSAN system including awareness and actions on HIV/AIDS and Arsenic contamination together with environmental conservation & Drug addiction / Anti Tobacco campaign etc.

🌈 Adaptation of climate change and related actions to address its harmful effects.

🌈 Establish justice, human rights and empowering of women, girls and children with importance to PWDs and Acid victims, preventing of women-children trafficking, illegal migration and enhance the rights of woman & child.

🌈 Protect the interest of general consumers through collective efforts/ association.

🌈 Assist the interested trained and skilled people in going abroad for seeking job and earning foreign exchange that will help reduce our burden of unemployment.

🌈 Rehabilitation of people with all type of disabilities including visually impaired and Acid burn assault victims at the community level.

🌈 Strengthening of local and good governance & fostering democracy.

🌈 Election monitoring and voter education.

🌈 Development of aquaculture sector and fisheries resources (Pond & other water bodies).

🌈 Technology transfer of modern scientific agriculture & livestock improvement

🌈 Extend support on land reforms (i.e. khas land/ water bodies distribution & management) and empowering the asset less & enhance landless development.

🌈 Gender relation & development.

🌈 Disaster preparedness, response & rehabilitation.

🌈 Any humanitarian & philanthropic initiative.

🌈 Information, Communication, Technology and Publication etc.