As a non-govt. and non-profit Voluntary development organization, Juba Samaj Kallayan Sangstha (JSKS) was founded in 1994 with a view to bring men-women empowerment about the over all condition of rural poor particularly neglected womenfolk. It comes 1994 when her field operation had been launched effectively at grassroots level. We usually work among disadvantaged men-women and girls along with disabled people, Adibashi minority and Acid burnt assault victims and a few other unprivileged & vulnerable sections of the society following small group as well as community approaches both based on the strategy of integrated development. Being registered under the dept. of social services & Bureau of NGO Affairs, There is also an executive committee as it’s guiding policy-making instrument. In addition, a skilled and experience staff led by the Executive Director is dedicatedly engaged to run the organization’s program in a good order. The organization has so far implemented a number of various types of development projects both small and medium size with support from home and abroad including govt. assistance on which we have proven track records and evidences. The initiator and founder of the organization is a former professional social worker.